Thursday, August 27, 2009

About a girl

My name is Aileen Paul formerly known as Aileen Galeas. I am married to a charming nerd called Matthew. We live in Santa Monica, CA with our 1 year old daughter Kira Elle aka Ellie and from time to time we also have my 9 year old step daughter Cameron aka Cami. Yes, my husband was married before and Cami came from that relationship. That's a whole other drama I will discuss some other time.

I am a stay at home mom.

I used to live in a tiny little Central American country called El Salvador. I attended a school called Escuela Americana "American School." I truly believe this school had a great educational system, however, I firmly believe that some of the most horrible people on Earth also were, teachers, parents, students, etc. at this school. I attended this school from Kinder Garden to Senior year in Highschool, an extremely long time.

Thank God, once I graduated Escuela Americana, I moved to Los Angeles, California. One of the best decisions I ever made. I attended CSULA and graduated with a degree in Business Administration.

By the way, everything they've told you about LA is true, the bad traffic and just about every person you meet is or wants to be an actor or on the entertainment industry.

I had several jobs in LA, not your conventional type of jobs. I went from working at a mortuary to eventually landing in the entertainment/video game business just like most people (here in LA) wish for.

This blog shall show the chronicles of how I went from growing up in El Salvador, to being single, to working as a mortician, to dating and meeting the man who would become my husband, to getting pregnant, throwing up, swollen...just about every body part, to constipation, to giving birth and realizing what your new purpose in life has become.

I love, music, dancing, eating, and watching bad TV such as CSI Miami, the new 90210, etc...